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The Nestling Studio Launch

We’re so excited to share the news with you about our beautiful Nestling lifestyle studio in Fourways – now open! It’s been a crazy ride filled with daring wall chipping adventures, endless liters of white paint, and too many handyman hours to even count! At the same time, it has been undeniably exciting to watch our space transform into this dreamy, wispy-white and oh-so-pretty haven, that we now call home!

Where to find us: Freerange Lifestyle Centre (opposite Rustic Timber and Garden Centre) – 42 Witkoppen Rd, Cnr Kingfisher Dr, Fourways. Enter through the boomed area, we are inside Freernage, and across from The Lot Restaurant.


Nestling Photography Studio_0010

After lots of TLC:

Nestling Photography Studio_0004

Nestling Photography Studio_0007

The nestling studio-fourways

We hope to see you there soon! Pop by and say hi any time! We’ll share some cake and coffee, and talk about pretty things! Yay ☺


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  1. Karen Kelly

    O my goodness, this is gorgeous! I will have to pop by at some stage