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Introducing Nestling

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Nestling – and to our first official blog post! Yay! We are so delighted to share our happiness, our excitement and our story with you …


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Who are these crazy chicks?
We’re a team of two giggly girls (..secretly wearing pink superhero capes..) ready to conquer the universe – with a camera in hand, and a heart filled with love to share…

Oh, and we have a slight obsession with weird shoes!

Introducing (…drum role please)

family photography-child photography-natasha andreoni_0443

Natasha Andreoni

I love bright colours, all things vintage, toddler tummies, tiny toes, raspberries on bellies and sunflare! A firm believer that every girl is a super hero, and that being different is one of the most beautiful things on earth! — I often believe in as many as 7 impossible things before breakfast! :)

With a few years of photography experience under my belt {preferably pink, sparkly and Prada}, I decided to go confidently in the direction of my dreams, and live the life I imagined! I can’t wait to tell your story, to experience your heart, to portray the love you have to share with the world, through images …through art!

Introducing (…drum role please)

family photography-child photography-natasha andreoni_0442

Carmen Niemand

I am a designer, illustrator, foodie, nature lover, and above all I am a passionate photographer. Through my creative goggles I see and experience life a little differently, and by embracing this, I hope to make a difference.

I am obsessed with colour and light, and make it my mission to capture the details that often go unseen.. details that simply get left behind in time. I hope I can help you treasure your special moments! Whilst bottling up all the love you share, the smiles and laughter, all for you to enjoy for years to come. I look forward to meeting you :) x

A huge, enormous, gigantic, and titanic sized thank you to Quintin Mills for the phenomenal images! You captured our essence and personalities so beautifully! Your talent is phenomenal – and we are so incredibly appreciative! (

We’re so excited to share everything we do with you, add material that will keep you inspired, but most of all, we’re thrilled to share with the world and people like YOU – our love through photography!


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  1. Kashma Raju

    I love, love, love!! The website, the blog & videos! I love everything! Congrats Carmen & Natasha! I see success written all over Nestling! :D I look forward to working with Nestling to help grow both Nestling and Cotton Kandy ( as both businesses have the same vision and passion!!!