Frequently Asked Questions

The who, the what, and the why behind everything we do:

What is a Petite Session?
Petite Sessions take place at the stunning Nestling studio, based in Fourways. We will book your session date according to your availability (on any date that we are not already booked for). Your session will run for 20 min and you will receive 35 beautifully edited images.
What is a Styled Mini Session?
Nestling sets a date once a month (usually the last Sunday/Saturday of each month depending on availability). The Nestling girls hire a gorgeous indoor / outdoor boutique venue or beautiful studio - each month there is a different theme that includes professional styling. There are several time slots available, each running for 45 min, and when making payment and finalizing your booking, you select which time slot will suit you for that day - yay! In one sentence, a Mini Session is the “compact” and styled version of our Elite Session package.
What is an Elite Session?
Elite Sessions take place at one of our many tried and loved locations, which are sourced, just for you (no one will be sharing the venue with you on that day). Or they can take place in the comfort of your home if you prefer. We will book your session date according to your availability (on any date that we are not already booked for), and will theme/plan it for you and your family specifically. Your session will run for 90 – 120min and you will receive 120 beautifully edited images.
In a nutshell, what is the difference between a Styled Mini Session and an Elite Session?
Styled Mini Session - this is the "compact" version of the Elite Session Elite Session - this is the "all bells and whistles" package
45 min Photoshoot Takes place once a month (clients are restricted to that date). Photoshoot takes place at a pre-determined location. 80 beautifully edited images. 90 - 120 min Photoshoot Can be booked on any day of the month. Location: client's home, or any venue the client selects. 120+ beautifully edited images.
What are the terms of payment?
50% Deposit upfront to secure your booking date - the balance is due 7 days before the date of your session.
What should we wear to our session?
A custom-tailored moodboard will be sent to you, full of inspirational images on what to wear for your specific photoshoot. This also includes colour palette suggestions, and so much more!
When will our images be ready?
4 weeks after your session.
Can we order canvases, albums and prints from you?
Yes absolutely, we will send you a link to Nestling’s Product Guide, filled with incredible products you will just love!