Meet The Team

Meet the Nestling team – the minds, hands & hearts behind every photograph.

“We are mosaics – pieces of light, love, history, stars – glued together with magic and music and words. ~ Anita Krizzan”

Natasha Andreoni

A traveler at heart, and lover of all things hand-made. A dreamer, believer and adventurer of otherwise forgotten spaces & undiscovered things. I love change, kindness, the sound of rain against cobble stone streets, and wearing crinkled-still-warm-from-the-sunshine pajamas. My home is my oasis, and my family is my fortress. I have a slight adoration for unfinished things, whether that be a ceramic piece, or a conversation. An admirer of art, a Brazilian Jazz evangelist, and a theatre fan. My heart treasures the elderly, the way wrinkles embrace their faces, and the joy they’ve found in surrendering their youth. I’m a hopelessly devoted cacti-collector-extraordinaire, and if given the opportunity, I’d wear a flower crown forever.

Most of all – I am comforted by and eternally grateful that upon the palms of His hands, He has written my name.

I can’t wait to capture the chapters of your story!

Carmen Niemand

I’m a free spirited Pocahontas, completely in love with stars! Entirely obsessed with colour and light, and capturing the tiny details – those that so often go unseen. I set my creative mind free doodling away at a beautiful nearby cafe, love finding new hiking spots during my nature adventures, and exploring our beautiful Jozi city with friends. My childhood dream was to become a traveling photographer for National Geographic, or a graffiti artist! I am a leather shoe advocate, organic coffee lover, a superfood enthusiast and if given even the smallest window of opportunity, I cannot resist but dance my heart away!

I like to laugh, it’s almost like an uncontrollable thunder inside my belly, often brought about by the silliness when photographing children – I love it!

I hope I can help you treasure your special family moments and capture beautiful family pictures that you will enjoy forever!

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